Nicholas Sousa

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UCS and legacy SANs

One major selling point for UCS is its scalability. But how scalable is it really?   You have a double point of failure (the FIs) that manage all of the network and storage communication for hundreds of blades and potentially thousands of servers.   The supposedly “agile” UCS service profile requires at a minimum for […]

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Puzzle Pieces

I like to think of the virtualization design work as creating a modern piece of art, with each new piece of the puzzle adding to its beauty. I get a lot of satisfaction out of deepening my understanding of the technology.

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vSphere 6 SAML Token

The SAML token is just an XML file that is signed by PSC/SSO (not sure which specific certificate is used): No idea why the documentation made this so hard to understand.

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vSphere 6.0/6.5

Things I’d like to see for VMware: vCenter and PSC combined into a single appliance running photon OS Better documentation of the upgrade requirements HTML5 with feature parity with Adobe HA for vCenter/PSC supported without a load balancer. Who thought it was a good idea to have single points of failure? Ability to log into […]

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vSphere HA Does Not Use vMotion

You could have VMHosts running without a vMotion network and with DRS disabled. HA does not use vMotion to power on VMs.

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vSphere 5.5 Backup and Restore

List of what should be backed up There is some overlap between components listed below – some are within the vCenter database, but should still be exported separately (such as vDS’s). Other components can be disregarded if you have VM-level backups that can perform file-level restores. This is not a complete list, but it might […]

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Powershell Training–Beginner

Table of Contents ·        Working with the script editor ·        Powershell File Types ·        Code Comments ·        Variables o   Assigning data to a variable o   Running Scripts o   Running Scripts – continued o   Assigning data to variables – continued ·        If-Else Statements ·        Looping ·        Getting Help ·        Pipeline o   Out-GridView, Out-Null o   ForEach-Object o   […]

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