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Puzzle Pieces

I like to think of the virtualization design work as creating a modern piece of art, with each new piece of the puzzle adding to its beauty. I get a lot of satisfaction out of deepening my understanding of the technology. Advertisements

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vSphere 6 SAML Token

The SAML token is just an XML file that is signed by PSC/SSO (not sure which specific certificate is used): No idea why the documentation made this so hard to understand.

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vSphere 6.0/6.5

Things I’d like to see for VMware: vCenter and PSC combined into a single appliance running photon OS Better documentation of the upgrade requirements HTML5 with feature parity with Adobe HA for vCenter/PSC supported without a load balancer. Who thought it was a good idea to have single points of failure? Ability to log into […]

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vSphere HA Does Not Use vMotion

You could have VMHosts running without a vMotion network and with DRS disabled. HA does not use vMotion to power on VMs.

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vSphere 5.5 Backup and Restore

List of what should be backed up There is some overlap between components listed below – some are within the vCenter database, but should still be exported separately (such as vDS’s). Other components can be disregarded if you have VM-level backups that can perform file-level restores. This is not a complete list, but it might […]

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Powershell Training–Beginner

Table of Contents ·        Working with the script editor ·        Powershell File Types ·        Code Comments ·        Variables o   Assigning data to a variable o   Running Scripts o   Running Scripts – continued o   Assigning data to variables – continued ·        If-Else Statements ·        Looping ·        Getting Help ·        Pipeline o   Out-GridView, Out-Null o   ForEach-Object o   […]

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VMware General Notes

Below is a collection of general VMware notes. Some of it references functions from the VMware Module Library. Table of Contents Fix – Identifying Mismatched HBA zoning Fix – vMotion “Operation Timed Out” error (ESX 4.1 Classic) Fix – Datastore mismatches (showing “[]” as the VMDK path in the VM properties) – ESX 4.1 Fix […]

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