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Powershell Training–Beginner

Table of Contents ·        Working with the script editor ·        Powershell File Types ·        Code Comments ·        Variables o   Assigning data to a variable o   Running Scripts o   Running Scripts – continued o   Assigning data to variables – continued ·        If-Else Statements ·        Looping ·        Getting Help ·        Pipeline o   Out-GridView, Out-Null o   ForEach-Object o   […]

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VMware Module Library

This is a collection of useful PowerCLI functions that various people have created. Below is a summary. I plan on updating this over time so feel free to bookmark it if you find it useful. VMware Module Library Table of Contents “Function Get-MotionHistory” Returns the vMotion/svMotion history “Function Get-VIEventPlus” Returns vSphere events “Function Get-VMAdvancedConfiguration” Lists […]

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